I was very comfortable. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I’d recommend this place to anyone.

- December 2016

All of the nurses and anesthesiologist gave me their undivided attention. Excellent service. The nurse that put my IV in was the best because everywhere else always hurts my veins. She was great!

- M.D. November 2016

The experience was great! Nurses were lovely. I could tell and they told me how much they love their jobs and care about each other. They loved taking care of patients in a caring manner.

- K.C. November 2016

All of the staff at 215 are warm, nice, friendly, patient, caring, and understanding. I’ve had two procedures at 215 and will definitely be returning.

- B.H November 2016

I received excellent care from the staff. They were very caring, courteous, and accommodating. Thank you.

- J.S. October 2016

I’ve been to A LOT of hospitals and surgery centers in Vegas.The whole staff at 215 Surgery Center are kind, sweet, and amazing. I love you guys. Thank you ALL for being so sweet to me!

- D.C. September 2016

The staff are wonderful and attentive at all times. The nurses are always there by me or quick to come and answer questions. Just a very good experience. Floor Supervisor is also very good.

- D. L. September 2016

My experience was absolutely perfect just like the last two visits. The nurses were angels and made my stay perfect. I always look forward to seeing them!!! They make me feel like family, I love them so much!

- September 2016

The staff truly want to make the world a better place.  The smiles are great stress relievers, thank you!

- K.K. September 2016

2nd time and again Best Experience Ever!!!…Just overall best surgery center experience ever again and [the nurses] are awesome!!! Thanks again ya’ll

- S.E. August 2016

If I had to have surgery again and could choose the facility it would definitely be 215 Surgery Center. I could not have asked for more specialized care. The staff was very relaxed, friendly, and professional.

- E.B July 1016

Everyone made me feel comfortable and safe, this kept me much calmer than ever expected. This was my third visit and the staff went way above and beyond what I could need. Thank you so much. I wish there were more people like the ‘special employees’ that work here!

- M.S. April 2016

Every facility should be like 215 Surgery Center. I am treated like I am their family. They honestly care about us, and let us know that. Awesome care!

- S.M. March 2016

The nurses were absolute sweethearts. The doctor was excellent! Everything was fantastic! Thank you!!

- R.S. December 2015

The staff could not be more helpful and informative. I was really impressed by the personal care the staff gave, particularly the follow-up care.

- H.E. December 2015

Very great staff. Great first experience, would not hesitate returning! Professional and courteous staff, nice disposition and friendly.

- December 2015

Very glad my primary care physician sent me to you. Dr. Workman has given me more information about my condition in the two visits we had with him than three other doctors we have seen. He openly said he could help me and he has! He is a fabulous Doctor, he cares about his patients

- November 2015

Everyone I came into contact with on this day was great.  Thanks to all, you guys are the best

- K.C. November 2015

Excellent staff and doctors. I would highly recommend this surgery center.

- October 2015

Your staff rocks!!

- February 2015